12 Things to Know When Selling Your House

When you are ready to sell your house, it is important that you know what to expect. Sellers can be overwhelmed by the process of selling their homes and do not understand what needs to happen next. Sellers often don’t know how they will get paid or when they will have money in their bank account after they close on a new property. This blog post discusses 12 things that every seller should know before starting the sale process!

1) Sellers should know that they will receive a formal offer before listing their house. Sellers may not want to list the home until there is an actual buyer and signed contract, but this can be risky since interest rates could increase or another potential buyer may come along. Sellers often need to wait for several weeks between receiving an offer and signing off on the sale.

2) Sellers should know how much they need to list their home for. Sellers will not receive an offer unless the asking price is reasonable. Sellers can sell a house fast in Rome GA while getting a top dollar if there are no other homes on the market that are similar in size, condition, and location.

3) Sellers should know that selling a house takes time. Sellers may be surprised to learn how long it can take to sell their homes. Sellers often do not get an offer on the first day and they might need several weeks or months before getting an accepted contract, but this is normal in most real estate transactions.

4) Sellers should know what they will need to do in order to sell their home. Sellers need to make sure that their house is clean, decluttered and staged before they list it. This means getting rid of any personal belongings and making the home look like a model home.

5) Sellers should know that they will have to make repairs. Sellers often need to fix things like peeling paint, a leaky roof, or a broken window before they list their home. These small repairs can add up and may cost more than the seller expected.

6) Sellers should also be aware of potential buyers’ contingencies. Buyers often include contingencies in their offer which allow them to back out of the sale if something goes wrong. For example, the buyer might require that the house be inspected within a certain number of days or that the seller pays for any necessary repairs discovered during the inspection process. Sellers need to be prepared for these contingencies and understand what they mean for them financially and emotionally.

7) Sellers should also know what to do if their home does not appraise at the value of the offer. Sellers often need to lower the price of their home in order to sell it and this can be difficult if they have already moved out of state or are waiting for the sale proceeds to come through.


8) Sellers should understand how closing works and when they will receive their money. Sellers typically get paid within a few days after closing on the new property but there are a few things that could delay this process. Sellers should consult with their real estate agent to learn more about what to expect during each stage of the selling process!

These are 8 of the most important things that sellers should know before starting the sale process! If you are curious about anything else or have questions, be sure to speak with your home buyers Rome GA! They will be able to help guide you through each step of the selling process. Thanks for reading!

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