Artificial Office Plants – 21st Century Chic

By now we are all aware of the many benefits that real office plants can provide, from improving employee productivity and well being to helping control temperature and humidity levels. Living office plants provide a beautiful focal point in any space and when used effectively provide a significant Return on Investment (ROI). But can artificial office plants have the same effect?

When it comes to office plants and foliage many of us would probably prefer real office plants thanks to our close affiliation with nature and preference for natural or organic goods. At first glance, it would seem that artificial or plastic plants are often disregarded by the majority of the population due the simple fact that they are not considered to be eco-friendly, that is they are man-made products.

Recent years have however seen artificial plants make a significant comeback and nowhere is this more apparent than in the business environment. The business benefits of artificial plants in some ways can be seen to outweigh those of live office plants including the fact that they require far less maintenance than live plants and your employees need never feel guilty about the death of their office plants again.

Whilst the initial cost of artificial plants is generally much higher than live plants, artificial plants are much more likely to last longer therefore retain their value. Once bought artificial plants also require little or minimum maintenance saving you money on resources needed to nurture and maintain real office plants. This and the money you can save on buying fresh flowers for your reception desk every few days makes plastic plants even more appealing.

Plastic plants now resemble real plants more than ever thanks to the fact that they are now produced using more organic materials. The more life like the plant however the more expensive it is likely to be but you cannot but a price on getting an office or hotel looking just right for your clients, employees and guests can you?

Another significant benefit of fake plants is that they are more suitable for use around people who have allergies. For individuals who suffer from pollen allergies real flowers can be torture but thanks to technological developments, plastic plants now look more like their living relatives and as such bring all the aesthetic qualities without setting of allergic reactions.

For many people artificial plants already have a place in their homes at Christmas time due the popularity of artificial Christmas trees and wreaths, products that have become popular thanks to their ability to be packed away and brought out again the following year. However, artificial Christmas trees lack one vital ingredient found in real Christmas trees; the delightful smell of pine needles.

In fact, one of the most cited pitfalls of artificial plants is that they do not smell like plants should, as for many people there is something very appealing about the smell of plants and nature. Whilst some artificial plant manufacturers are now producing plastic plants that can now be sprayed with bouquet and natural aromas they still leave a lot to be desired.

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